Course Description

The full-time adult Group General English course covers the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. The course includes Cambridge examination preparation at levels B2 – C2.

The course is for groups of students from one agent. Classes can be as a closed group or infill into existing multi-national classes.

The programme includes a range of afternoon and evening activities, as required by each group booking. Some activities may be as a closed group only.

Students have use of a coursebook in class and are given homework as part of the course.

Students can attend a weekly language clinic, free of charge, where they will get one-to-one advice on any aspect of English they wish to review.


  • General English 20 lessons / 15 hours per week
  • Language Clinic
  • Maximum 16 in a class

Learner Objectives

  • By the end of the course, learners will have:
  • Studied and practised a range of grammar in context relevant to their level
  • Read texts for gist and detail
  • Listened to texts for gist and detail
  • Studied and practised a range of lexis and functional language in context
  • Studied and practised pronunciation accuracy
  • Planned, organised and produced pieces of written work

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age is 16
  • The minimum level is A1 Elementary up to C2 Proficiency

Course Accreditation

  • An English 2000 Certificate

Course Dates

As requested