Course Description

The full-time adult Teaching Methodology and Language Development course is designed by English 2000 for groups of students from one agent.

It will enhance the learners’ knowledge and application of EFL teaching methodology. It will improve their competence as teachers and their ability to communicate more effectively.

This course is intended for teachers where English is not their first language.

The programme covers the following areas:

  • Language Learning Theories
  • Language School Management
  • Language Teaching Methodologies
  • Grammar Analysis
  • Error Analysis
  • Teaching Writing Skills
  • Teaching Listening Skills
  • Teaching Reading Skills
  • Teaching Speaking Skills
  • Integrating the Four Skills
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Materials Evaluation
  • Examination Evaluation
  • Language Development
  • Lesson Observation and Analysis

Students have use of a coursebook in class and are given homework as part of the course.

Students can attend a weekly language clinic, free of charge, where they will get one-to-one help on any aspect of English they wish to review.

Students can attend English 2000 social activities and excursions, to help build confidence in practising English outside the classroom environment. Some activities are free and all excursions will incur a charge and this is payable at Reception.

English 2000 can deliver this course in your country. Further details on request.


  • Teaching Methodology 20 lessons / 15 hours per week
  • Class Observations 4 lessons / 3 hours per week
  • Language Clinic
  • Maximum 16 in a class

Learner Objectives

  • By the end of the course, learners will have:
  • Studied and practised a range of grammar in context relevant to their level
  • Read texts for gist and detail
  • Listened to texts for gist and detail
  • Studied and practised a range of lexis and functional language in context
  • Studied and practised pronunciation accuracy
  • Planned, organised and produced pieces of written work

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age is 18
  • The minimum level is B2 Upper Intermediate up to C2 Proficiency

Course Accreditation

  • An English 2000 Certificate
  • An English 2000 Course Report

Course Dates

As requested