First day at English 2000

Intake Tests

All students come to the school at 9am (8am in July and August) and report to Reception.

They are directed to a classroom where they are met by the Academic Management Team.

They are given an English 2000 language level test which consists of 80 multiple choice questions.

The tests are marked and the students are allocated to their corresponding level. Border line students will also do an oral test.

Induction Talk

Following the test, all students have an induction.

At the induction, students may also ask questions about their course, Bournemouth or any other matter.

Students join regular classes either on Monday morning or afternoon depending on their timetable.

Individual Learning Plan

All students receive an ILP.  The Academic Management team give this to the new students by 12.30pm.  The ILP gives students three individualised topics to study, based on the results of the intake test.  They are encouraged to ask their teacher for guidance on these areas or attend the language clinic on Fridays.

The ILP provides students with guidance until their first tutorial. Tutorials are done every 4 weeks. Therefore, some short stay students may not have a tutorial.

Student Handbook & Safety Information

If you would like to view the student handbook prior to booking, please see the download files below. If you would like a printed copy, please ask at the school reception.

Student Information


Rented Accommodation

Help & Complaints Form

Accident Report Form

Fire Procedure

Safety – Streets & School

16 & 17 Year Old Guidance

Download 16-17 years old guidance